Spring Is Here!



I just picked up this wonderful weekday produce box from my local market (the wonderful Hollygrove), and man does it look good! It took a lot of effort not to devour a pint of strawberries before the picture. The variety from week to week is great, and learning how to cook with things I would never have purchased otherwise is half the fun. I’ve learned to make mustard greens well enough so other people will eat them, but still can’t bring myself to enjoy them… Komatsuna on the other hand, stole my heart from the first bite; spicy arugala + delicate spinach?? Simply amazing!

Last week I cooked my beets, greens and all, into a borscht-y turnip-y pureed soup which was quite delicious. I’m thinking of a thinly sliced raw beet salad for this week’s courageous looking bunch, perhaps mixed in with some of that sprightly spinach. Who would thought these adjectives would be used to describe a bunch of veggies. I think they deserve it though! They survived the caterpillar onslaught New Orleans dealt out, and that’s nothing to scoff at.


This breakfast marked the end of the citrus season, a very sad time for moi. That blood orange was bittersweet, although my fresh homemade farmers cheese did something to cheer me up. But it’s on to the next season! Loquats anyone?? They grow rampant throughout the neighborhoods here, and I’ve stretched out a good few shirts during impromptu gatherings.

May everyone have fresh local produce to enjoy! I hope whatever deviant has been nibbling off the beet tops in our backyard garden is properly savoring them at least 🙂

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