Travels Thus Far

I’ve gotten some travelling under my belt already, just within the last month. I’ll post some photos here so you can see what I have been seeing! We went to Tel Aviv and relaxed on the beautiful beach there, up north to the Golan Heights, and to the Old City as well. I am planning on going to Haifa this coming Tuesday (we have our final test Monday, and the rest of the week off).

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שלומ עליכם – السلام عليكم

There’s this little strip of land between Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea, home to about 7 million people, and the seat of a disproportionate amount of conflict considering its size. Depending on who you ask, it’s Israel, Palestine, the Holy Land, a safe haven, a stolen country. Regardless of nomenclature, this area includes a city quite dear to the hearts of those who follow any of the Abrahamic religions: Jerusalem.

It is here that I find myself, in the so-called “Seam Zone” between the Green Line and the West Bank barrier wall. For the next year I will be exploring, learning, attempting to cultivate some degree of understanding regarding the past and present of this contested land. There is so much beauty here; the nature of the north, to Dome of the Rock, to Eilat, along with everything in between. I hope to do as much roaming and voyaging as I do intellectual investigation, with attempts to keep this updated along the way!