What I’ve Been Up To

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1. Doing lots of henna, as you can see from the photos. I had cones that I had brought back from India, but they are running low šŸ˜¦ Fortunately, I found some henna powder at the spice shop in the shouk (big outdoor market), so I hope to figure out how to use that!

2. Cooking! I have a ridiculous amount of fun shopping for groceries here, as that takes place at the aforementioned shouk. It contains stalls and stalls of everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to that cheap adapter you wish you had found before you bought one at the mall. You can see the seasons changing as the nectarines and peaches disappear, persimmons and oranges pop up everywhere, and you start needing to bring your sweater with you everywhere. (I thought I was in Israel, it never gets cold here! Wrong. It even rained this weekend.)
I’ve been inspired by the bright colors, and have been currying and soy saucing and rosemary-ing (right downstairs from my building there is a huge huge area of fresh rosemary growing, along with some thyme) to the full extent of my heart’s desire. With an oven-less kitchen, I’ve had to get even more creative than usual, but it has been working out so far. The Moroccan stew that I included in the picture was one of the most delicious (and cutting intensive) things that I have made so far.

3. I have started my internship. Coexistence in the Middle East arranges academic trips to Israel to teach about the conflict from all sides, and I have been editing and editing and editing all the information for it. It’s quite exciting, although it might not sound so.

4. Reading and reading and reading and reading. All my classes are reading. It is a strange change from mostly studying and memorizing, although it obviously includes those things. For my Israeli Politics class we are going on a field trip to the Supreme Court, and in a few weeks on another trip to the Knesset. I expect both to be delightful!

5. Getting ready for this upcoming weekend, which will be spent in a sleeping bag in the Negev Desert. I will be sure to put up photos once they have been taken, as they are usually much more exciting to see than a bunch of words.

I hope all is well back in the states, I have been hearing a lot of chatter about Europe and not so much about America (besides all that Herman Cain nonsense and these hiccups about Iran), so I assume things are going relatively smoothly even in my absence šŸ™‚

Love to all!

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