Oppernockitty, splish splash

Oppernockitty, splish splash,
a bow down to the dock
three lilies and a pilgrim, starfish wide.
Lake falls, pond ripple,
wide-eyed hope meets faithful dawn 
whose toes, rosy glow of devilish light, emerge as laughter’s twinkling eyes. Never again will I forget 
the life that broke me miles wide–to see! Again, 
the joyful smile of love’s sweet tender mocking eyes. 

The noose too tight, most loosen now, 
running fields to free the might;
trailing fingers flowers’ height.
Dress does blow in meadow’s nile
sun-drenched ripening virgin child–to see! Oh growth, 
that fickle time 
when hope meets death and trickles down.

Now! To see! The mourning light, 
turning turning fires bright
through ever-moving quiet night, 
still as ever, greatest height.

Inspired by Annie Dillard, A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

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