Jean Gray, story of mine

Jean Gray, story of mine,
heroine gone mighty wild,
fearsome dark dark sadness roots,
horror yields the golden fruits
of care love impact, shining bright,
leaves of dust and fiery might
when it blows the walls come down,
illusions meet their breeding ground
showing bare the plain white walls
these murals they do strive to shroud.
can we listen loud and clear,
hear the voice we hold most dear?
Oh how we fight what we most love,
how deeply caring, lasting hope
so does endure our darkest doubts,
finding life within the heart
close to softness, heaven-bound.

Nurture, yes do nurture that,
that which lingers out past doubt,
a deeper sense of what is true,
what must be done, what must come through
our efforts weaker than they must be
to dispel the dark spread through me
light to counteract the might of
wanting wishing hoping fight
(the violence even palpable
whose each does meet with heavy feet)
winding downward towards the light,
hoping dearly, fighting might.

vow to stand strong stay upright
moving lithely, stinging might
keep going, never stopping til
you see what’s true and ever will

we go forth blindly never knowing
what will come or what will find us
wishing deeply having faith
that guiding us is just a taste
of what deep beauty, life, and love
does lie beyond the useless drugs
that calm us lift us help us kill us
trying never dying till “us”
breaks apart and then we see
the truth thus shattered, mighty, meek.

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